Meet the Experts!

Welcome! Thank you for visiting, we are excited to start our journey together. From here on out we will be traveling and learning great recipes from all over the world!

A little about us…

Our names are Michael and Rain. Both originally from Maine, moved to New Hampshire for college. Along our journey through college we discovered that we were interested in more than just what we were studying. The whole world seemed to attract our attention. We took a trip together to see what this world was offering us and along the way we made some friends and shared our passions with each other. Rain has always been quite the chef, and allowing her to experience the food culture first hand in other countries made our kitchen more exotic. She uses her own techniques and flavorful mind to blend foreign recipes with U.S. recipes and wants to share those with you! Today, more and more people are traveling, but some are still new. The world is constantly changing and pushing us to strive for things we want, and while that may seem easy for some, it is difficult for others. We aim to provide our ever growing knowledge and experience to help us all to reach where we want to be tomorrow!

Throughout our journey together, we will provide two basic targets, food (from Rain’s crafty heart), and traveling (from the places that we have explored together).

Food –  From simple meals, and understanding the cooking tricks, to complex meals with extravagant flavors, to exotic meals from other countries. You will find such a strong passion for food here, while keeping it simple at the same time.

Travel – Traveling does not always mean shopping at the flower markets of France, or hopping on a train to explore the country side of Italy. It could very well be taking a twenty-minute car ride to a place out town that you wouldn’t think to explore. As avid travelers, we like to explore the local regions just as much as foreign ones. Traveling isn’t just sightseeing either, it’s learning to connect with new and different people, sometimes other cultures too. When we traveled abroad we were exposed to new cultures that we had never had exposure to. From that, we learned how close we actually live to communities of different cultures. It took us going all the way to Venice, Italy to learn that there was a Russian community about 45 minutes away from home… But you learn something new everyday, making tomorrow better already!